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Welcome to my podcast.

They say moving house is the most stressful thing you can do; this podcast wants to help! Each episode focuses on a different aspect of home ownership, from buying and selling to interior and exterior design.

Home to Home Podcast

I'll be chatting with experts in their field to guide you through the important topics and providing you with insight and top tips.

You can see each episode on this page and clicking the blue buttons ill take you to that episode page with more info' and links. You can find links to different podcast apps on the right of this page along with the latest episode to listen to right here.

2nd May, 2022. Episode length: 27mins


What does it take to set up a company that sells for billions? Mal McCallion sits down to chat about the success of Prime Location and Zoopla and how he is using what he learned to help others in business. Do successful leaders have anything in common? And what might be next in the online property market?


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Spotify Home to Home

25th February, 2022. Episode length: 21mins


Paper work can be a nightmare at the best of times, but it can be even more frustrating and potentially problematic when it comes to selling your home.

Digital Property Logbooks are here to offer a solution and as they are likely to become something that is required in the near future, let's find out more about what they are, how they work, and why you should start yours now. 

14th January, 2022. Episode length: 22mins


Is Britain turning into an island of renters? I speak to Alex Babouris, owner of Babouris Property Management to discuss this and also the proposals for lifetime deposits and new legislation for pets in rental homes. Alex also talks about his people first approach to business and tells me what is was like to feature on Homes under the Hammer. 

18th October, 2021. Episode length: 25mins


Are you a fan of home improvement shows on? Then you're probably familiar with a number of "tricks" to make your home more welcoming and inviting to buyers. But have you heard of home staging? Designer Lorna Rayner delves into what this involves as well as some designs tips for your home.

21st September, 2021. Episode length: 25mins


Snuggeries director Ryan Ferrara chats with me about snugs - the elegant, bespoke solution for working from home and extra living space for your garden. He talks through all aspects of your own snug, and tells me about the most spectacular snug so far.

30th August, 2021. Episode length: 13mins


Property photographer Francis Ambler talks through the key elements of getting the right shots for your house and how a professional can add that wow factor.

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