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6 Top Tips for viewing a house.

When you book a viewing you might know exactly what you you'll be looking for but sometimes, by the time you get into the house it's easy to sometimes overlook some key areas. Whilst a couple on this list might seem obvious, some of the others might seem quite minor but they are the type of things that could easily put you off your new home once you move in. Let's make sure you're all set.

(Also, if you're expcting people around to veiw your own home, you might want to peruse my older post about whether you should do your own viewings.)


Location matters greatly, so consider proximity to your workplace, schools, shopping centers, and transportation options—it's like finding a house that's the "Goldilocks" distance away, not too far and not too close.


Thoroughly inspect the house for any signs of structural issues, water damage, or pest infestation—think of yourself as a house detective, looking for clues that might unravel any hidden problems. Don't be afraid or forget to ask the owners or the estate agent if there have been any problems and be specific with your questions.


Evaluate the size of the house based on your current and future needs, ensuring it provides enough rooms, storage space, and flexibility for any potential expansions or lifestyle changes—think long-term happiness, not just a short-lived fling. Always ask to see a copy of the floorplan if one is not provided and if you are considering extending, ask the owners if they have previously applied for planning permission.


Pay attention to the amount of natural light in the house, as well as the availability and placement of electrical outlets—because a well-lit home and accessible power supply are key ingredients for a convenient and comfortable living experience.


Take the time to observe the neighborhood's atmosphere and interact with potential neighbors to get a sense of the community's vibe—after all, finding a friendly and supportive neighborhood can turn a house into a true home, where you feel like part of the tribe. If you are new to the area, go and visit at different times of the day, talk to the local shopkeepers, and get a true understanding of the area,


When viewing a property, ask the estate agent or the owners, if you can test the download speed if you are planning to work from home or have several children all using the internet at the same time. Turn on the taps in the bath and test the shower to check the water pressure, we all look forward to a good shower in the morning.

May these tips guide you in your quest to get moving on, moving forward, and moving home. If you would like any advice about selling your own home, or finding your next one, feel free to get in touch.

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