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Burwell #FocusFriday

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Burwell Village

It's the end of the week, which means #FocusFriday. This week it's the village of Burwell, situated on the edge of the Fens approx 10miles north east of Cambridge. In our focus today we learn not just about house prices, but also about windmills, old castles, and ...a puppet show.

At the bottom of this page you can find a map to the local area as well as some key information about nearest stations and schools.

It's always important to know you have a local or two nearby for a relaxing beverage and bite to eat and along with a local chippy, you have The Anchor and The Fox in Burwell. The Anchor has an impressive menu with many ingredients sourced locally; whilst The Fox boasts a regularly updated choice of real ales, and - I'm reliably informed - a great selection of tequila!

How about a castle that's not really a castle? The construction of Burwell's Castle began in 1143 but never it was never completed. Following a failed attempted takeover by the rebel Geoffrey de Mandville (Earl of Essex) in 1144, the castle was left in its incomplete state.

There followed a brief period where the building and area was used as a chapel, before it was finally abandoned in 1246. The area was discovered again in 1935 and an excavation was going to be undertaken but alas, the remaining walls were destroyed when a a rogue fire hose got loose during a testing procedure!

Burwell Windmill and museum

One of the most attractive sights and places to visit is the Burwell Museum and Windmill. First built around 1820, the mill has survived a hurricane and working to grind cereal and pulses being the First World War, before becoming a listed building in 1951. The site now provides interactive displays, exhibitions, and hosts workshops, tours, and walks, amongst a host of family activities.

"You mentioned a puppet show Gavin." Yes, yes I did. But this isn't your average "oh a puppet show, this will be a laugh." No, this is a tragic puppet show. In September 1727, a crowd had gathered for a puppet show in a barn in Burwell, a show that proved to be very popular. So popular in fact, that the organiser was getting frustrated with people trying to squeeze in for free. In an attempt to stop people getting in without paying the barn was NAILED SHUT. A servant - Richard Whittaker - was tasked with keeping watch and looking after the horses out front as they took a rest and nibbled some hair. Unfortunately, Mr. Whittaker knocked over a candle in a lantern that set fire to the hay. The thatch on the barn was bone dry and the whole place was alight in no time. Sadly, today, you can see a memorial to the 78 people who lost their lives.

Fortunately today, there are less hazardous forms of entertainment in Burwell that provide an outlet for young people in the area: Burwell Skate Park. After its triumph in this year's Olympics, skate boarding is continuing to increase in popularity and it's great to see local area providing the facilities for the Skye Browns of the future.


The nearest station is Soham, about 4 miles away.


The nearest primary schools are:

The nearest secondary schools are:


The nearest doctor are:

The nearest hospital is:

The nearest dentist:

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