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Down to Duxford #FocusFriday

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Situated 10 miles south of Cambridge, Duxford embraces its proud history and showcases its past with the Imperial War Museum and also looks to the future with new developments for the community. You can find a map of the area at the bottom of this page along with a guide to local schools and doctors.

This picturesque village rewards those who like to explore and go for a wander, with a route taking you down Mill Lane to towards the river gifting you the view of the Duxford Mill (operating from 1307) and its gardens as well as the mill pool and regency statue.

The village now also has the Brewery Field green space that has been lovingly created over a number of years. With funding secured and driven by the Friends of Duxford Green Spaces group, Brewery Field now provides green space not just for the local residents to enjoy, but for wildlife to thrive there too. You can see the plans for the project in the video below and what has happened by visiting the website here.

Duxford Imperial War Museum

A big draw to Duxford is the Imperial War Museum - Europe's largest air museum. RAF Duxford played a key role in the Second World War when it was a base for many hurricane and spitfire pilots. They also have a permanent exhibition for the American Air Museum as well as numerous historical exhibits from land, air, and sea. You might want to time your visit to coincide with one of their spectacular air shows or go on a quieter day to take advantage of the range of activities you can take part in - such as trying out a cockpit.

The Plough at Duxford

For that all important refuelling stop, you've got an excellent option in the The Plough Duxford pub. It's one of those pubs that is frequently recommend to me for its character and warm welcome. Whilst the pub can boast a history going back 150+ years, it is their modern activities that have me intrigued! Soapbox Derby anyone? The what? Well, quite. The event started in 2013 as a tribute to local man Phill Hill who sadly passed away sur to cancer. His friends came up with this tribute to their racing enthusiast friend that would also raise money for Cancer Research. There are adult and children's races and prizes for the best deocarated soapbox machine. They have to be steered by the person inside and only powered by feet power - think the Flintstones car! . Visit the website here for more details. Photo by Ellwoods Images.

To get more of an insider's view on what living in Duxford is like, I spoke to a client of mine who moved to the village a few years ago. Here is what Mr. Edwards had to say:

"Having been in the forces during my first years of married life, we have certainly moved around the UK, maybe 12 or 13 times over the last 30years. This is our 3rd house since leaving in 2013 and I have to say I don’t think either of us have every felt so settled and happy. The children have now gone off to make their own mark in the world and despite the house being too big, and yes I do moan about mowing the lawn, I really have no desire to move and I can guarantee Alison would agree.

We love it when the kids come home, as the house has so many happy memories since we moved here in 2017. Some big milestones have passed. We love the local pub and it is a great place to pop in for a meal, and a pint with friends in the village. I feel that despite being close to Cambridge, the village is still a village, if that makes any sense. You walk down the street with the dog and people say hello or good night. We feel part of a close knit community and everyone takes the time and makes an effort to keep the village looking nice.

There are also numerous groups to join, from those that want to take it a bit easy on the allotments, to those that refuse to grow old gracefully as there always seems to be groups of cyclist in the village. I cannot sign off without mentioning IWM. We are so lucky to have some an amazing museum on our doortstep. The air shows get better and better every year."

If you are thinking of moving and would like some assistance either selling you're current home, or finding your next one, don't hesitate to use my contact page here to get in touch.


The nearest train station is Whittlesford, which a mile away and will get you to Cambridge in 10mins.


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