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#FocusFriday Wilburton

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

With just over 1000 residents, Wilburton is 6miles south west of Ely and a picturesque village that still has many thatched homes. It has a strong community life so let’s take a look.

(There is a map of the area and links to local services at the bottom of this page.)

The Twenty Pence garden centre in Wilburton is a bit of a local hub. You can not only stock up on garden supplies but also browse for gifts, sneak in a round of mini golf AND every Friday up to Christmas (but not xmas eve) treat yourself to a Christmas carvery.

There is a strong community spirit in Wilburton and many events and occasions when the village comes together. First up is their annual beer festival. Offering over 50 different ales and games and activities, this 2 day event has also previously raised money for charity. Another big event is the Wilburton Firework display - over the last 15 years the event has raised £30,000 for good causes.

If you are thinking of moving and would like some advice about selling or finding your next home, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Distances are approximate from the centre of the village.


Soham station is about 4.5 miles away with trains to Cambridge taking about 45mins.


There is a primary school in the village:

The nearest secondary school is about 3miles away in Witchford:


The nearest GP

The nearest dental practices:

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