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Hop over to Houghton #FocusFriday

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Just a few miles from both Huntingdon and St. Ives, we find the village of Houghton, settled by the banks of the River Great Ouse. This historic village has plenty to offer and a stroll around the village will let you take in some of the traditional thatched roof cottages and the thatched clock tower in the village green. Then you can stop at Houghton Tea Rooms for a bit of a break and refreshment before venturing on.

(A map of the village is at the bottom of this page along with link to local services.)

You might want to take note of the monument to Potto Brown before you head off. Apart from a brief time away at school, Brown spent his entire life in Houghton and as a non-conformist of the time, he had a significant impact on the village. He built up his wealth through the successful business at Houghton Mill (see below) and then used his money as a philanthropist as he established the first schools in the area as well as churches for people of non-conformist worship.

Houghton Mill is the last working mill along the River Great Ouse and you can actually visit when it's running to experience the sights and sounds of this historic building in action. It was one of the most significant mills of the region in its heyday and you can find out all about its history with guided tours. You can find more details on their website. Whilst there, you can also take the opportunity for some canoeing along the river as well as a range of stunning walks. The five meadows are perfect for a nature filled stroll and you can check out what to look for on their Wildlife Trust webpage about the area.

They say three is the magic number, and it certainly is in Houghton if you're interested in a pub. You can wander to the Three Horseshoes, a Grade II listed building just 200 yards from the river that offers two dining areas with plenty of room and a selection of real ales. It's a popular stop off point for locals as well as those taking the Thicket Path from St. Ives. Just a short walk up the road and you'll find The Three Jolly Butchers - another classic charming pub with stone floor, beamed ceilings and fireplace. They have an extensive menu and large garden too - perfect for spring time drinks after you walk along the river.

A notable feature on the calendar in Houghton is "Feast Week" - a week long mixture of community events and competitions with food to the fore; it is a terrific local event. Previous years have provided music, food, sports events, quizzes, a scarecrow trail, classic cars, a mini railway, and a duck race! (Don't worry, not real ducks...)

It's always good to get the inside view from someone who lives in a village, so I spoke to Colin, who I helped with a property purchase a few years ago, This is what Colin had to say about Houghton:

"Houghton has everything we want from a village and since moving here in 2016 we have been made to feel so welcome. I guess it helps already having friends in the village, but the sense of community is something we really like, and we both feel that we belong here and can see Houghton being our forever village.

When we moved here, from nearby Bluntisham I was having to drive everyday into Cambridge for work, I could either go the back route or on the A14 and be at my office in under half an hour, so this was an important factor for me. The kids settled well into the local school and seemed to actually enjoy going which was quite a novelty and thankfully continue to do so and it’s a joy seeing them growing into young adults with so many friends, not just from school but from the various clubs and teams they have joined. For me, the simple pleasure of getting home, taking Rupert our dog for a walk around the village and down to the river and then stopping for a pint at The Three Horseshoes with a book or the latest podcast means a lot. You can enjoy village life and stay in your own little bubble and no-one will think any less of you or you can throw yourself into everything that Houghton has to offer as this village really has a heart beat and it continues to beat very loudly. "

If you are thinking of moving and would like some assistance in selling your current home, or with finding your next one, you can get in touch with me via my contact page.

Distances are approximate from the centre of the village.


Huntingdon Station is 3 miles away. Time to London:60-65mins, time to Cambridge: 80-90mins.


There is a primary school in the village:

The nearest secondary is just over a mile away:


There are two GPs within 2 miles:

There are three dental practices within 2 miles:

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