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How long before AI designs your home?

For some people, the idea of Artificial Intelligence in our every day life might seem like science fiction. For others, it could be all too plausible and a little scary - is it regulated? Are there safeguards? And over the last year some others ask what inevitably happens with new tech - how can this make me money?

So how might AI affect the housing market?

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

You may have already seen AI art and writing without knowing it. There have been a raft of AI generated images of famous people that have gone viral with people not able to spot the fake ones amongst the real. A bit of fun? Or something more serious? Haven't doctored images been around for decades? True, but now it is available immediately to pretty much anyone with an internet connection. No advanced photoshop skills necessary. The same goes for the AI Chat Bot that can write you anything from an essay, to song lyrics, stories. Although that didn't go so well for one news organisation. But these tools are only going to improve.

What's the problem?

And what's wrong with getting yourself some cool, free AI generated art? The problem is that AI is using what exists to "create." You give it a prompt to make a picture of, say, some flowers on a window overlooking the sea in the style of a master painter and it will trawl ("scrape") the internet for similar images and amalgamate one to fit. If you're an artist that has shared your work online, this means your work might be used with no compensation to you. And if someone is getting this work for free, they might not be looking to employ artists. This could obviously be a problem.

What's this got to do with selling houses?

At the moment, it is perhaps a stretch to see the AI chat bot creating accurate descriptions for houses - you'd have to give it too many specifics. isn't bad. This is the prompt I gave it:

Please write a description for 4 bedroom house in the country with a thatched roof, large gardens, two bathrooms and a beautiful conservatory

And this was the response:

This charming country house is a dream come true for those seeking a tranquil lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With four spacious bedrooms, this house provides ample space for a large family or for those who enjoy entertaining guests.

The highlight of the property is the stunning thatched roof, which gives the house an enchanting character that perfectly complements the idyllic country setting. The house is surrounded by lush green gardens, which offer a perfect opportunity to bask in the sunshine or enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

Inside the house, there are two modern and well-appointed bathrooms, which have been designed to cater to the needs of a large family. The living area is warm and inviting, with a beautiful conservatory that floods the space with natural light, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day.

The kitchen is fully equipped with modern appliances, making it perfect for cooking up a feast for family and friends. The dining room is spacious and elegantly designed, providing the perfect setting for hosting dinner parties or enjoying a family meal together.

Overall, this country house is a true gem, offering a wonderful blend of traditional and modern features, all set within stunning countryside surroundings. It is a true oasis of peace and tranquility, and an ideal retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

That took less than 10 seconds to do. I'll let you decide how you think it did and whether it's useable.

How about the use of AI for images. I actually used one when I was doing a post abut "kerb appeal". I didn't want to use an actual house for one that might look unattractive so step in AI. But with houses on the market, it's hard to see how AI is going to help with images - unless you want to add a party to a garden to show what it might look like. But what about when it comes to designing houses? Could it help people come up with ideas? I gave two prompts to the Bing image AI (it's currently being redeveloped) and asked it to create an eco house that was partly underground with a dome and a wind turbine. And - perhaps fuelled by Grand Designs - asked it to create a grand living room with a pool and a slide.

Now, I can't imagine anyone taking these to an architect but...might it be something people turn to when they want to generate ideas? Or perhaps it will be on large housing estates to help big companies design a variety of new family homes.

AI isn't going away and if someone can see a way to use it to save or make money, I think we're likely to see it more often and sooner than we probably expect.

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