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Love at first sight?


You only have to go a few hours without your phone or internet access to realise just how much we rely on them every single day. Whether you want to find a new home, a new car, or perhaps a new romance; the days of turning to the classified section of local newspaper seem like ancient history. The chances are you will switch on your mobile or laptop and start using an app or website to help in your search.

I'm currently preparing the marketing for some new properties and with Valentine's Day looming large online and in the shops, it reminded me of a previous blog I wrote about how similar house hunting and dating are. Both involve finding the best match for two parties by offering carefully chosen photos and selectively written words, emphasising the highlights whilst perhaps trying to minimise the lowlights...

But what has struck me recently is how our approach to both has changed and how house hunting has a little catching up to do.

With over 35 years of experience helping people move home I have seen massive changes in the way people find their dream home. When I started out as a YTS trainee negotiator many years ago, most people found a property they liked by visiting their local high street and popping into see their local estate agent. And every Estate Agents would be busy getting their adverts over to the local newspaper for the weekly Property Guide at the weekend.

Today things couldn't be more different. However, whether it's hoping for a hot date or arranging a property viewing, the trouble is that you can spend quite a lot of time looking for 'the one' only to find that when you finally meet 'in real life' things aren't quite what you expected.

How old was that photo?

They didn't mention that in the description.

In the past, a 'blind date' recommendation from your work colleague, or your friend in the pub, was a tried and tested way of finding true love. I have for many years said my job is a bit like dating – but instead of matchmaking for two people, I am match making for people and property. However, just telling someone about a property and expecting them to take them to go and view it "blind" was generally a bit of a non starter.

But now with the advance of mobile phones and wifi, we now have more options and especially since the pandemic, people have taken to doing a "virtual" date first - having a video chat before metting in person can feel a bit safer, and perhaps eliminate some of the risk and as well as saving time and expense! So why not try this with house hunting?

The idea is simple - when you register your property requirements with me,  give as much detail as you can about the dream home you're looking for and then my job is to find a match. I will then arrange a virtual viewing tour over WhatsApp and show you around, answering any questions, and allowing you to have that safe "first date" before deciding if you want to meet in person.

So if you're looking to get back on the housing dating scene and would like a matchmaker who can help you navigate the property scene - please do get in touch and register your likes and dislikes and I'll help you get back out there - virtually at first - to test the waters.

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