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Poddy 1,2,3 and working together.

With the schools going back this month, several thoughts occured to me - aside from "how busy are the roads going to be?" I can't help but be nostalgic and think back to when I would traipse off to school, bag slung over my shoulder, calling out to mates along the way. It's hard not to think about what has changed, and what might still be the same. Although it is tempting to paint a picture of kids glued to phones and tablets for their entertainment, the noise from playgrounds suggests that at school at least, some of the same frantic games are being played out. One of my all time faves was Poddy 1,2,3, (you might know it by a different name but this is a pretty accurate description) where you would have one person "on" guarding a "base", whilst everyone else hides. The person seeking counts to 40 and then goes looking whilst you try to

leg it back to base without getting caught. Each subsequent person can tag the hand of whoever is at base shouting poddy 1,2,3 to form a chain. It was a good game for teamwork as you held hands and reached out to someone trying to make it back. Everyone joining together for a common goal. Trying to time it right to leave your space and go for the prize.

This game popped into my mind again whilst recording the latest episode for my podcast Home to Home. It was the third one to be recorded, hence the Poddy 1,2,3 refrain in my head. And like the game, the episodes form a chain, reaching out to listeners.

I've had a few people ask "why is an estate agent doing a podcast?" and I can understand why that is a valid question! I've always been interested in more than just the buying and selling of houses in estate agency. Being a good estate agent is about understanding what people really want, and listening to them when they tell you what home means to them. They might say "we must have 4 bedrooms," but if you really listen, you'll realise that what they're craving is a bigger garden and somewhere close to fields and walks. I have learnt already that the interesting part about making a podcast with guests is that it is an extension of that skill - listening. Listening isn't just for the audience, but for me as the host too. And I have been fortunate to have such interesting guests that I have enjoyed listening to what they have to say, and hopefully that enjoyment translates to the audience too.

Francis enjoys looking for architectural clues and angles.
Photography by Francis Ambler

But I could just have these conversations in the pub, so why share them? Sure, as mentioned above, I hope an audience enjoys them, but it connects back to Poddy - it's about making connections. Buying a new home is always about more than finance and finding somewhere you like and I want to engage more fully with all aspects of home ownership in a way that will be helpful and thought provoking for a wider audience. Whether that be with regards to preparing your home for sale (my episode about property photography with Francis Ambler) or about the look and feel of your house (my upcoming episode with designer Lorna Rayner), or developing your home with a garden room, as discussed in my latest episode with Snuggeries director Ryan Ferrara.

All snugs are bespoke to your tastes.
One of the snugs by Snuggeries

At the very least, it's a learning experience for me, and it will help me better serve my clients. But perhaps, as the series progresses, it will also be beneficial for you too, as you hear from experts and specialists in their field as they share knowledge and insight. Just like Poddy, the more people that join the chain and reach out to others, the more of us "win." I do hope you give the podcast a try; you can listen on this website by clicking here, where you'll also find links to Apple Podcasts, Google, TuneIn, Pocket Cast, and others. You can also hear a sample from the latest episode with Ryan Ferrara below. I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment, rate the podcast on Apple, or give me a shout on social media via the links at the bottom of this page. Let's keep making connections, sharing, and listening.

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