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Ready to Relocate? Podcast

My latest Home to Home podcast episode focuses on people looking to relocate and how employing a property finder can help.

Our life/work balance has been a near constant topic over the last two years and part of that has resulted in a significant number of people changing their work arrangements and also reconsidering where we want to live.

Property finder Jennifer Mullucks joins me to talk about some of these trends and how her process to help people find their dream home. She also discusses what she believes is the most essential skill in her line of work. When I've mentioned this service before, I have occasionally had people reply that they don't perhaps understand how a property finder differs to searching online - I nervously put this to Jennifer:

"My standard sentence is that if oyu can find it on Rightmove ten I'm probably not doing my job. There are certain properties that will unavoidable go to the general market, but the whole point why people pay us for our knowledge and help is to effectively find opportunities before they go to market, or aren't going to market at all."

On previous episodes of the podcast, there has been a theme of people being successful due to the positive relationships they build and being authentic. Jennifer continues this theme when she talks about what she can offer her clients.

"When people ask me what can I do that they can't do, I say it's years of connections and contacts with people I get on well with, and respecting that a lot of my bread and butter is through agents and finding out about opportunities first. We all know that in life, business is about people wanting to work with people they like, so I try to ensure I have a good relationship with everyone and keep in touch as much as I can, and that's how I get to find out about some of the special properties out there."

I can vouch for this approach of Jennifer's as she regularly keeps in touch and I know that she is tremendous contact to have for my clients as well for the opportunities I might be able to offer her clients.

To listen to the whole episode below and find out out how to subscribe to my podcast (available on Spotify, Apple, Google and other podcast providers) and how to contact Jennifer by visiting the episode page by clicking here.

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