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What's happening in Balsham? #FocusFriday

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

My Focus Friday today is the village of Balsham - approx 9miles south east of Cambridge. I'll be sharing some facts and information about this picturesque village today including pubs (of course!) as well as Vikings and the Shug Monkey! You can find key information and a map of the area at the bottom of this page.

Balsham is a tight knit community with plenty to keep you occupied if you want to be involved - from sports and crafts, to singing and horticulture. You can find out more on the parish website.

After being destroyed by Vikings in the 11th Century, Balsham was rebuilt; the stunning Holy Trinity Church of Balsham dates back to the 13th Century and the scholar Adam of Balsham gained fame for teaching in Paris.

"How about pubs in Balsham?" I hear you ask. You will be delighted to discover two cracking traditional locals that offer so much. First, The Black Bull Inn. This beautifully restored barn dates back to the 16th Century and as well as offering rustic gastropub dining at its finest, and highly rated accomodation; it also provides a dog menu!

Let me know if you visit and be sure to share a picture. Maybe I'll see you there?

Then we have The Bell. Serving traditional ales and praised for its great value and friendly atmosphere, the pub also has an extensive family friendly garden.

A strange tale out of Balsham relates to the mysterious sightings of the Shug Monkey. The last sightings were over 50 years ago of this huge beast with the body of a black dog and the face of a monkey. The last sighting said it could take multiple forms and disappeared by flying away as a winged gargoyle! Although, it may be more commonly recognised these days by a younger generation as the Pokemon Zarude.

If you are looking to move and would like some help with selling or finding a new home, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Dullingham train station is approx 5miles away connects via rail to Cambridge in 15-20mins.


Nearest primary schools are:

The nearest secondary is:


Nearest Doctors are approx 3 miles away:

Nearest Hospital approx 4 miles away:

The nearest dentists are 3 and 5 miles away:

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