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Who needs a fresh start?

It's ok. You're among friends here. You can admit it if your Dry January is a little wetter than you planned. A bit more Jim Beam than Gym Lean. We've got the first half of January out of the way and it's now that we can probably have a bit more of a level headed look at our plans for the year ahead. And maybe, we can help ourselves not scribble down the same resolutions at the end of this year.

The articles and opinion pieces about how to make the “new you” seem to start before Christmas now - you don’t even get a chance to indulge before you’re thinking about how to get off the excess weight, start a new routine, or whatever other self improvement programme you’re looking for. Whilst it might seem annoying, maybe there is something in the idea of preventing having something to fix in the first place: don’t over indulge = not having a gruelling new routine.

If one of your plans for 2024 is to move house, then looking to prevent any potential problems before you have to fix them might be a good addition to your other preparations .


If you leap into a new exercise regime that doesn’t fit your lifestyle or your aims, but you picked it because other people were doing it or the instagram post promised a lot, then you might end up disappointed. It’s similar to picking the right estate agent - the big promises and flash design might present a sign of success and look good, but if they don’t take the time to get to know you, what your house has to offer and what your plans are, then all the promises will be as flat as that left over Christmas bubbly and just as useless.

So it's worth taking the time to think about what it is you really want - and just as importnaly, what you don't want - both for the house you're looking to buy, and for selling your own.

Do you really want a "project"?

If it's a choice between a big bathroom or an extra bedroom - which would make you happier or you every day lives easier?

And are you actually ready to move?

This last one isn't a philosophical or emotional question - it's a practical one in terms of paperwork. Do you have all the documents for work you may have had done? Maybe a Digital Property Logbook could help with this - click here to find out more and clam yours for free.

It can be really helpful to check that the house is in good order. Maybe it's been a bit longer than you thought since you properly checked some of the utilities or outdoor boundaries etc. It doesn't hurt to do checklist and make sure everything is working and in good condition. Sometimes trying to see it through the eye of someone visiting for the first time can help you notice anything that might need some attention.

Now you're all set to start thinking about what do you want from your estate agent and find the one who understands you, appreciates your home, and knows what it is that you're looking for.

Doing your research and being prepared can save a lot of potential difficulties - and money. Preventing a problem can far easier than fixing one, so here's to a 2024 of less problems solving, and more problem prevention!

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