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Social media property videos.

For this alternative social media video, the concept is to have a different, more personal video for your property. Whilst the traditional photographs, standard videos, and brochures clearly have their place, there is a growing online audience through social media that are drawn to short, snappy content that communicates a story. 

To translate this to property videos, I am looking to include - where appropriate - some details about each house from the current residents. Ideally this would be through short video interviews but I appreciate not everyone is comfortable with this approach. Therefore, I have the following questions on the form below as prompts for you to share a little bit about how the house. This might be about how the house has evolved, or any memories you have that might give that extra push to potential buyers to help them imagine themselves in the house.

About your home

Please indicate if you would be happy to be recorded having a conversation about these questions for marketing materials.

Thank you!

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